These pieces of dried Ash wood was collected in August 2019 during my visit to Mayburgh henge stone circle in Cumbria, England.

You will receive TWO pieces per purchase from the stock shown - they measure approx 1.5" on average and are pencil thin sized.

Mayburgh henge is believed to have been constructed during the Neolithic times, and only one of the four original stones is now standing.

The circle's banks are constructed from pebbles from the nearby river, and there are Ash trees around the perimeter.

All of the wood that I collected is old and dried out wood that has fallen from the trees over time - no trees were damaged or cut or tampered with, I picked up pieces that I found on the ground. 

As you can see in the last photo, the trees are so old that their trunks have these ancient pebbles embedded in them.
I collected old, fallen pieces of wood with permission of the land and I left payment in the hollow of one of the trees (I gave them my fave piece of black tourmaline).

Ash is one of the three sacred trees of the Druids, and symbolises spirituality, good health and rebirth of the spirit and emotions - the energy from this henge was so calm, gentle and welcoming and I truly believe that the henge is amplifying the Ash's spirit.

This is sold as curio and for entertainment purposes only and no outcome is guaranteed...I am required by law to state this.

Ash Wood from Mayburgh Henge Stone Circle