Bay leaves are a must-have staple in any witch's or practitioner's arsenal...they can be used in oils, incense, blowing powders and baths.


Simply burning a bay leaf will lift the energies in your home due to its amazing scent.


This herb has a myriad of uses ranging from the traditional luck and good fortune properties, to the more basic purification and protection.


It has planetary associations with the Sun and therefore brings vitality and success to your workings.


To make a wish: write your wish on either a whole leaf or a big piece using a pen (a Sharpie is excellent!) and light it up...allow the smoke to drift out of a door or open window so that your wish is sent to the Universe.
*Please use caution and place the lit leaf on or in a fireproof container whilst burning.

15g per purchase.



Bay Leaves - 15g - make a wish!

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