*Warning - not suitable for skin application, use caution on soft furnishings (contains charcoal).

Black Destroyer pulls no punches and is one of the big guns of the hoodoo condition oils; use when others have failed.

It is used to clear away dangerous situations, stops, destroys and removes hexes and evil eye and will help when performing Return to Sender work.

Ingredients include graveyard dirt (from the perimeter), garlic and High John root.

There are some nasty ingredients involved in this...please wash your hands after handling.


10ml bottle per purchase.

Each bottle of 10ml is decanted from my Master Bottle which contains an almond oil base, along with selected herbs, roots and essential oils related to the issue at hand.


Black Destroyer Oil

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  • All of my Master Bottles are enchanted over, blessed and prayed over and then they spend some time on one of my altars dependent upon which type of condition the oil relates to.
    Rub a few drops into your hands and clap to 'waken' up the energies - apply to your skin, candles, oil burners, petitions and anything else that is related to your working.