Do you need your love interest to come closer to you? Need that job promotion to come your way? Want to break up that couple? do you need to open your roads so that success and achievements will flow to you?
My 7 day candle workings are a great way to get your intention started without the need to purchase your own supplies...especially if you are new to your spiritual path and are unsure as to what is needed.
I accept all requests from love to road opening, to crossing up and relationship judgement here.
After purchase I shall contact you to discuss your requirements and then I'll prepare and dress your candle; I'll pray over it before/during/after the burn and then prepare a report on how it burned, and any further work that I feel may be required, and email it to you within 3 days of it ending.
I offer setting of lights if this is what you'd prefer, so please take a look in the SERVICES section for it.
As with all spiritual services I cannot guarantee the outcome that you seek, it is up to spirit/universe/you as to the efficacy of any working, and refunds will be not be given if you feel that your request has not been fulfilled.

Shipping will be automatically added at checkout but I shall refund the charge once your payment has cleared.

Candle Workings - love, money, hexing, road opening.