ONE cat or Felis Catus skull with jaw, great taxidermy specimen with no visible signs of damage that I can see.

Ideal as an animal curio, totem object or create something special with it.

The energy of the cat is one of sensuality, loving energies and also protection; use this during such spellwork to intensify the energy.

Many deities (particularly female) have cat as their companion animal, such as Freya, and of course Bast/Bastet is the most recognisable of the female deities in the Egyptian pantheon.

The skull you will receive is the one that is shown ON ITS OWN in the photos - I am holding two in one picture to give an idea of size, and you will only receive ONE skull with this purchase (it is the one on the left).

This cat skull was nature found, nature cleaned and I have not cleaned it further using chemicals/soap/degreaser; you will find small pockets of dried and mummified tissue in the nasal cavities.

There is no smell of decomposition that I can detect.

Cat Skull - Felis Catus - loving and protective.

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