Oh my...this form of sugar is positively divine, and therefore perfect for giving as an offering or manda to deity, spirit or ancestors.


Coconut sugar is is NOT coconut flavoured sugar but is actually extracted from flower buds of the coconut tree....so there's no cane or palm sugar...just pure and organic 100% coconut.


The associations of coconut include purification and protection, but also includes abundance due to the myriad of uses that a coconut tree has - every part is used and not wasted.


Use this sugar in your sweetening and suagr jars to increase abundance (both financial and emotional), and for providing protection in your work so that there's no interference.


Sprinkle on to your sweetening candles or aro9und the base to keep your target sweet on you.


Purchase is for 50g.


Coconut Sugar - 50g - use in sugar jars.

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