Here I have for you a delightful handmade miniature broom or besom or broomstick (pick one!) that I ceated using copper wire, and oxidised to bring out the warm tones.


Although this is one of the most iconic symbols of witches, aloong with a black cat, these can also be used as altar decoration for other reasons.


There are many spirits and deities within the myriad of practices whose symbol is the broom, such as Saint Martha the patron Saint of housewives and housekeepers.


Giving appropriate gifts to your spirits strengthens the loving bond and demonstrates to them that they are indeed a big part of your life.


In traditional witchcraft besoms are kept at the front door to sweep out bad luck and fortune - here in Lancashire (witch country) you will still find homes that have one propped up at the door.

Each is unique, measures approx 3.5 - 4" and has a light coat of Renaissance wax - this is endorsed by the British museum for protection of metals.

Please keep these away from water or high humidity, as verdi gris will eventually cause green spots to appear...unless of course you like a rustic look to copper. 


Purchase is for one miniature broom.


Copper Ornamental Broomstick - Altar decoration


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