ONE adult Crow skull with a matched jaw, a great taxidermy bird specimen with no visible signs of damage that I can see.

Ideal as an animal curio, totem object or create something special with it.


Crow is associated with many deities such as Apollo and is an excellent animal to call upon when performing divination, and when asking for protection.

Measures approx 8cm or 3.25" long.

I have several of these available and the specimen in the photo may not be the one you receive, but will be of equal quality.

Ram skull is not included.

I have other taxidermy items available in my store.

*All of the skulls that I sell were sourced in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and general licence agreements. They are the by-products of licensed game dealers and game keepers and were not sourced purely for sale purposes.

Please check the photos to familiarise yourself with the skull that you will receive.

Any discoloration is due to the cleaning process.


Crow Skull with Jaw - animal totem.