Do you have an urgent issue that needs working on immediately and you can't wait a couple of days for it a spell to begin? 
My emergency working option will see you going to the top of my list of workings, and I shall begin as soon as I have received your email telling me what your problem is. 
All other work will be put on hold so that I can focus my energy and intention on your request.
My emergency work is always placed in the hands of La Roja (Santa Muerte's red robe) so that she can also offer immediate assistance and help you.
Once I have been in contact with you I shall decide which technique is best for you...for some it may be candle work, and jar work for others...all work is done at my La Roja altar.
Please only choose this option is you are in desperation because one of my other more cheaper options may still be ok for you, and I wouldn't want you to pay more than what is needed.
As with all spiritual work, I cannot guarantee that it will be successful or that you will get the outcome that you seek, and refunds will be not be given if you feel that your request has not been fulfilled.

Shipping will be automatically added at checkout but I shall refund the charge once your payment has cleared.

Emergency working.