Protect your space against negativity, evil eye and witchcraft with this smokeless smudge spray.

This contains a mix of waters, including Florida Water, and my own Fiery Wall of Protection oil along with grounding hematite chips.

This spray has a slight spicy scent.

Simply shake it to mix the waters and oil, spray your altar space, spray yourself or the surrounding area to draw in protection.

Once the spray is used up you can keep the hematite chips in your wallet/purse, on your altar or place in a gris gris to keep the protection topped up.


Each purchase is for 50ml bottle.

Fiery Wall of Protection Smudge Spray -prevent evil eye.

  • Traditional smudging involves the smoke of herbs and resins, but this can be problematic for those with breathing issues or where one cannot draw attention by using smoke.

    Smudging sprays are a helpful way of clearing the atmosphere and drawing in new energy to fill the void.

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