Here I have for you some handmade Four Thieves Vinegar, created using only the finest herbs, roots and red wine vinegar - garlic, lavender, mint, wormwood and sage to name a few.


There are various myths surrounding the origin of this blend, with my favourite being that it was used by thieves during the time of the Great Plague here in Europe...they swore that holding cloths to their face soaked in this blend allowed them to steal from the dying without getting infected themselves.


In modern times this is used by many spiritual practitioners to offer protection, and is used in baneful works against enemies - like War Water it can be thrown at a target's house.


Many people take this medicinally, but my blend is not sold for this purpose.


Add this to your jars and bottles, and floor washes.



Four Thieves Vinegar - 50ml/1.7 ounce


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