Salt is a staple in any witch's arsenal, and this luxurious Himalayan pink salt is an absolute treat to work with.

Its energy is positively banging and really packs a punch in any type of working, whether it's protection or even love work - the pink shades work well in 'cleansing' love energy so that it is gentle and pure.


Crush it and add to your baths, jar workings and for sprinkling in and around your home to cleanse it of negativity and to bring in protection.


Salt has always had a reputation for repelling negative spirits and for clearing the home of unwanted 'guests' small dishes of salt in the corners of a room after a room cleanse so that negativity or spirits can not enter the space - replace once a week and throw the old salt away in the trash away from your home, or into flowing water.


Purchase is for 100g.

Himalayan Pink Salt - 100g - cleanse & protect.


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