Need to get someone the f*** out of your home or your life? Want to create a fire under someone's feet that they run away from their job?


You need to 'hot foot' them the hell out of Dodge!


This fine powder is nasty, vicious and full of good stuff intended to fire up that 'RUN AWAY!' button on your target.


This is intended to be sprinkled where your target will walk through it, so you can sprinkle it on carpet or mix it with dirt and sprinkle it around their car or home.
If you are feeling brave then you can sprinkle it in their socks and shoes for an intense effect.
Whilst sprinkling speak or whisper the name of your target and state what you want them to do - this will not affect anyone else that walks through it, only the person you name.


It can be added to other powders, jars and candles.


Please handle with caution, do not ingest - contains red pepper, snake sheds, wasps and a myriad of other good stuff.


Purchase is for 30g.

Hot Foot Powder 30g - GTFO Your Way.