Jar work is as old as the hills, and is a fantastic way to focus our intention on our ultimate goal.

I accept any requests from sweetening your boss, to breaking up a couple, to sweetening your mother-in-law, to hexing your ex...no judgement here.

Once you have made your payment I shall contact you to discuss your petition, and then I'll prepare your jar with the associated items required for the work needed.

Once prepared I shall send you a photo of your jar prior to beginning working it.

I shall work your jar at my working altar for 5-7 days, and then I shall bury it for you so that the work is fixed in place.

For sweetening work I prefer to use various sugars because it flows faster as brings quicker results...in some cases I shall add or use syrup, honey or molasses if the situation requires a longer lasting result.

Please note: as with all spiritual work, I cannot guarantee that it will be successful or that you will get the outcome that you seek, and refunds will be not be given if you feel that your request has not been fulfilled.

Shipping will be automatically added at checkout but I shall refund the charge once your payment has cleared.

Jar Workings - sweetening and hexing.