Jezebel root was traditionally used by 'ladies of the night' back in the day to attract wealthy use this to bring customers, sugar daddies or plain old ordinary guys who you want to submissively give you gifts and money.


It is an excellent choice for those in the service industries who rely upon the custom of male clients for their livelihood, and so can be used by both men and women.


One way to use the root is to anoint a root with your sexual fluids along with 'Follow Me Boy' oil (available in the Oils section) every day for 7 days.

Carry in your purse to draw in men who will give you gifts and some major attention.


The Curse of Jezebel is a strong hex or curse where one holds a piece of Jezebel root and light a black candle with your target's name inscribed upon it, and in complete silence you will repeat their name in your mind for 2 hours straight.

Once the time is up, speak the target's name to the root and what you want to happen to them, place the root in a small jar of your urine, take it to a river or stream and throw it in with your left hand whilst once again speaking your curse.

Walk away, don't look back and trust your work to manifest.


I organically grow and dry these roots myself - don't be fooled by the wood mulch that is often sold as this root.


1 medium root per purchase.



Jezebel Root - medium - attract wealthy men.

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