Love Me! is my personal love drawing recipe designed to attract either a new over or instil loveing thoughts into a jaded partner.

It has a slightly dominating aspect to it but nothing that will cause a stubborn target to back off...think of it as giving them a bit of a nudge.


It is suitable for women or men to use.


This particular style draws heavily upon damiana, cinnamon and is finished in red glitter.


A dressed candle has had all the hard work done for you...I have applied my own oil blend and then chosen specific herbs and roots and flowers know for their distinct properties for the matter at hand.


Each votive candle is in encased in glass (PLEASE recycle!) and has a base of paraffin and soy.


Please ensure that it is plced upon a safe and fireproof base, and do not leave lit candles unattended - either snuff out or place in your bath tub if you have to leave it.


Each purchase is for ONE candle measuring approx 2.25"

Love Me! Dressed Glass Candle

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