This basic blend is burned during rituals, rites and work involving: Mexican-American spirits

Aztecan spirits

La Santisima Muerte's Aztec aspect of Mictecechuatl


The blend has just 3 ingredients, including traditional copal; I've included marigold flowers as way of an offering to the spirits.

It is less elaborate than my Sahumeria Azteca blend, and uselful for basic cleansing or to give to spirits who require humble offerings.

Burn to cleanse the area before a working, or during a working to aid with manifestation.

25g per purchase.



Magical Mexicana Loose Incense

SKU: MaigMexIncense
  • All of my loose incense blends need to be burned on a charcoal disk, and one is included with each purchase.

    My loose incense blends have a base of resins such as frankincense, myrrh, copal or pine along with herbs, roots and sometimes flowers that correspond to the condition, situation or saint/spirit/deity.