Here I have for you Mars Water from an natural iron-rich spring water from near to my home in Lancashire, England; the colour of the stream is just as in the photo, and it has been there for over 200 hundred years according to old maps of the area.

This type of stream is common in my area and is called 'ochry water' from the word 'ochre' - as children we used to paddle in them and end up with orange legs!

Iron-rich water is commonly called Mars water after the god Mars - his colour is red and iron is his metal...this is used to bring power, strength and great protection.

Use this in your floor washes, to consecrate and bless spiritual tools and add it to jars/bottles.

I have added a iron nail to each bottle to keep the energy 'alive' within; many sellers sell tap water that's turned red with rusty nails, but this is the real deal.



Mars Water - natural iron spring water 50ml/1.7 ounce


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