Palo Abre Camino is THE Road Opener plant...if a product doesn't have this in it, then it ain't no true Road Opener - its name means 'open roads' or 'road opener' in Spanish.


If your career progress has come to a halt, or there are obstacles to gaining success, or you need doors to open then using this will surely help you.


But PLEASE be careful what you wish for, and be specific otherwise just asking for your dream job to come to you may result in you being fired and relying on charity for a few years before it manifests!


This wood is best grated using a nutmeg grater, and then add it to your oils and candles, wrap a petition around a piece and put it in a jar working.


Purchase is for a 2" piece which will last you for many, many workings.

Palo Abre Camino - Road Opener stick - small.


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