Create a peaceful space in your home that feels calm, relaxed and a safe haven to come home to.


Peaceful Home is my handmade floor sweep blend created using specific herbs and roots such as organic lavender, rose and mint.

I use Himalayan pink salt and sea salt for the base.

Each purchase is for 75g which should suffice approx 4-5 rooms - you only need a light scattering, not a dense covering.

Peaceful Home Floor Sweep.

SKU: PeacefulhomeSweep
  • Floor sweeps are a great way to begin a house cleanse or to reinforce a cleanse done previously. The concept behind them is to scatter cleansing or drawing mixtures onto the floors (both wooden and carpeted), leave at least overnight to soak up the negativity or to release the drawing energy.

    It is then removed by sweeping/hoovering from the back of the house to the front and thrown in the outside trash with blessings.

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