Spiritual baths are a wonderful way to begin your spell work or to reinforce work already done.

Road Opener is a blend designed to open up the roads to success, new opprtunities and remove obstacles that are preventing forward movement.

It is always recommended that Road Opener work is done before any other working such as love or prosperity, so that the way is cleared for a successful outcome.

My blend contains genuine Abre Camino her (Abre Camino means 'road opener') along with specific herbs, roots and essential oils to my salts base, such as cinnamon and mint.

Each 50g purchase comes with a muslin cloth tie-up bag to enable you to add them to your bath without the mess of cleaning up herbs and petals afterwards.


Road Opener Spiritual Bath Salts

  • My spiritual bath salts have a base of the following:


    Himalayan salt

    Epsom salt

    Dead Sea salt

    Sea salt


    Please contact me if you would prefer to have one or more omitted from your blend.

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