Welcome the spirit of the Rose of Jericho into your home, and receive blessings and abundance in return.


Two variants of the Rose of Jericho are used in hoodoo and Santeria, and this type on offer to you here is called Selaginella lepidophylla.


In its dormant state it has its leaves furled inwards and will stay like this for months and sometimes years until it receives water.


Place it in a shallow dish with coins, crystals (citrine and pyrite are prosperity crystals) and add water (spring or bottled) to just cover the roots. (Do not submerge it or it will rot with mould)


The following prayer can be recited over it to ask the spirit within the Rose of Jericho to bless your home:


“Divine Rose of Jericho: I ask all this through the strength that you lock yourself in the love of Christ Jesus and its great mercy, Amen.”


Leave for 3-7 days, remove it and allow it to dry out once more...keep the water to use in your mop water, to anoint your doorways and to add to prosperity baths.


Large sized - approx over 2"

Rose of Jericho