Silver dimes are sometimes called Mercury dimes due to the representation of what is commonly thought of as being the god, Mercury when in fact it is the face of Liberty.


These are used in hoodoo to bring good luck and fortune, and are oftentimes added to money gris gris or mojo bags and carried on the person to attract money luck; red or green flannel bags are the colours of choice.


Another way to use them is for protection: drill a hole in one and attach it to a anklet, and it will turn black to indicate that one has walked through a trick that has been laid to hurt or harm it's almost like an early warning system.


Info: silver dimes contain 90% silver and 10% copper.


I have several coins available ranging in years from 1917-1945 and I have not cleaned them because I feel that the patina aids in bringing in good fortune...they have stood the test of time and passed through many hands to get to you.


If you want a specific year, then please ask BEFORE purchasing.


Purchase is for ONE coin.

Silver Mercury Dime

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