Smudging is a time-honoured technique of using smoke from burning herbs to cleanse a space or purify an altar room.

This kit will give you a good starting point to try out three different types of traditional smudges.

You will receive:


Palo Santo or Holy Wood - light and allow to smoulder, it has am awe-inspiring sweet scent.

Sage bundle - light and allow to smoulder, and keep it in a fire-proof dish to collect the burnings.

Copal resin 10g - a charcoal disk is included...light it and allow it to turn white, then add a few pieces of resin.





Smudge Kit - Large.

  • All of my loose incense blends need to be burned on a charcoal disk, and one is included with each purchase.

    My loose incense blends have a base of resins such as frankincense, myrrh, copal or pine along with herbs, roots and sometimes flowers that correspond to the condition, situation or saint/spirit/deity.

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