Tonka beans are also known as Love Wish beans and are traditionally used in hoodoo to make romantic wishes come true.


These are usually carried in 3's and you use them in a wishing spell to ask for 3 love wishes:


Whisper a love wish to each bean and pop them into your pocket and keep them with you for 7 days straight.

On the 7th day at sunrise you should go to running water and speak your love wishes ending with 'in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost'.

Throw the beans into the water over your left shoulder and walk away without looking back.

Your wishes are supposed to be granted in 7 days.


Tonka beans are highly fragrant and akin to vanilla, so they share quite a few associative properties...warm affection, love drawing and good fortune.


They can be used in kitchenwitchery too - look up recipes for the beans and use them in enticing love food for you and your target.


Pack of 3 per purchase.


Tonka Beans - love wish beans.

SKU: Tonka3beans

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