Has work been thrown at you and you need more than a cleansing? Has a cleansing not brought about the results you had hoped? Uncrossing work can also be performed if you feel that you have jinxed or crossed yourself, especially because of negative self talk.


Being crossed by someone can manifest itself by your previously ok life suddenly turning upside down...nothing seems to go right, your car breaks, you lose money, constant arguing with others.

This packet of ready to go herbs and roots will save you time and money... I've done all the hard work for you in choosing the right items for this type of work.

Add them directly to your spiritual work, add to your candle work or use them for your own incense or oil blends.

Your packet will contain items such as frankincense, peppercorns, wormwood and rosemary along with lots of other roots, herbs, flowers and curios associated with this issue.

You will receive 15g of associated herbs, roots and flowers that are perfect for adding to a jar or you can also add them to your incense or oil blends or to candles.

Uncrossing Herb Packet - for baths or candles