Here I have for you my War Water handmade using natural swamp water from near to my home in Lancashire, England; as you can see in the photo it is from a very idyllic area, and is not regularly visited.


This place is in an area that has been woodland since the dawn of time, and has many little pools and swampy areas such as this dotted around.


I have added Spanish moss and vintage rusty nails to the swamp water to create traditional War Water - the majority of War Water that is sold is merely tap water...this is the real deal.


This spiritual water is used in many practices for good (protecting persons/property) or baneful works (cursing/hexing), and is used to start a witch war...traditionally a witch would throw a bottle of this at her rival's house to cross them up.


Add this to your jars and bottles.



War Water - 50ml/1.7 ounce


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