Here I have for you the basic ingredients to make your own War Water without having to purchase large amounts of moss and rusty nails.


War Water is used to curse, hex and jinx your enemy and is an excellent choice to use in tandem with your hotfooting work.


Throwing a small bottle on your target's property will mess them up, as it will if you throw it at their business or place of employment.


Traditionally 'witch wars' between rival practitioners were begun by one of them throwing this onto the rival's property.


Your kit will contain a vintage 1950's rusty iron nail that is hand forged in Lancashire, England, and a bag of Spanish moss - the nail turns the water red with rust, and the moss makes the water murky and stinky.

Add these to water, preferably rain water or storm water or swamp or stale water for the best effect. If none of these are available then use plain taqp water but leave it outside in the open to sit for a couple of days to lose its freshness.


Each kit will easily make up to 2 pints - I have a larger kit avaiable if you need more.


War Water Kit - for hexes and curses.

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